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Metal Pipe Network

Projects @ Energie Row is our Global Procurement platform service that we provide for many of the leading Oil & Gas multinationals Globally. Based on a track record of reliable execution of critical transactions and an unparalleled demonstration of logistical prowess, key clients retain our commercial services to execute mission-critical sourcing transactions for their business operations.


Our world class Sourcing Platform is Essential for Global Operations:


Team: we have assembled a team of some of the most knowledgeable and talented sourcing and logistics personnel in the industry.


Tactics: our commercial and execution tactics are exemplary and results oriented. We execute outsourced manufacturing and sourcing services for our customers.


Deep Commercial Relationships: we have meaningful commercial relationships with leading OEMs and Global companies along the Oil & Gas value chain.


Logistics & Supply Chain Expertise: we bring a nimble and multifaceted approach to delivering essential supplies, drawing on decades of industry knowledge.


Speed of Execution: we deliver - on-time and in-full.


Reliable Execution & Commercial Rigor: we bring a pragmatic, yet detail-oriented commercial mindset to our transactions and projects.


Proximity where it matters: Our strategic headquarters in Houston Texas (the Global Oil & Gas hub) contributes additional value to our platform.


Diligent Eye on the bottom-line: we strategically rely on a cost discipline mindset to obtain and transfer savings to our customers.


Key Sourcing Categories includes MRO, OCTG, and other essential categories.


Key Sourcing Regions include USA | Europe | Asia


Our Manufacturers, including household names in the energy sector – for example, Grainger, GE and a long list of other quality OEMs, Global Manufacturers and suppliers make up our sourcing partnerships


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