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Energie Row | AGS Desk

Energie Row AGS is a niche agricultural commodity trading desk built on the strength of our global commodity trading platform in energy.


We work alongside market leaders, farmers, producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other organizations to fulfill our objective of supplying quality agricultural commodities in a sustainable and economically feasible manner.


In concert with our network of producers and distributors, we create compelling solutions, develop innovative global supply structures, and help our stakeholders excel in their respective domains. We offer a merchant desk, with domain expertise and commercial and supply chain creativity to augment our global stakeholders - small and large.


Our targeted global scope – enables ratable supply to source & market commodities to markets around the globe.


We trade commodities to include – but not limited to - the following:

🟥  Animal Protein: Pork | Beef | Chicken | Other


🟥  Staples: Rice | Flour | Sugar | Edible Oil | Powdered Milk

🟥  Specialty Products: Cashews | Sesame Seeds |


🟥  Other: Fertilizers | bespoke upon request

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