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Our Business

Energie Row is a private commodity-trading firm specializing in sourcing and marketing globally. With a focus on strategic advantages in commodities, they selectively engage in trading where they hold a superior market position. As a trusted commercial partner, they expertly source and market essential commodities.


Our Portfolio

Energie Row has a seasoned trading team, well-positioned Globally, with access to diverse sources of base oil supply – refineries, trading companies, suppliers – and are able to service the unique needs of our clients.


Our Footprint

We have on-the-ground commercial expertise in key strategic Global hubs.
We have Boots-on-Ground where it matters. Energie Row is well-positioned to tackle Global Markets on a comprehensive and nimble basis. We cover the Globe from several strategic hubs – USGC | ARA | WAF | FAR EAST

About Energie Row

Energie Row is a privately-held commodity-trading firm active in sourcing and marketing in the Global commodity markets. We focus on a very selective subset of trading counterparties, concentrating on commodities or trading arrangements where we hold a strategic advantage or superior market position relative to the competition. A Trusted Commercial Partner, expertly sourcing and marketing essential commodities.

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Commodities Traded

Energie Row’s Trade Desk excels in global commodity trading, offering a boutique approach with commercial rigor across a diverse product range. As a commodity-agnostic firm, we strategically engage where we hold a competitive edge. Our portfolio emphasizes ESG and Sustainability, reflecting our commitment to responsible and advantageous trading practices.

ESG Commitment

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a vital aspect of our business at Energie Row. It signifies our commitment to responsible trading practices. We prioritize sustainability in our product portfolio, consider social impacts, and maintain high governance standards. ESG guides our strategic decisions, ensuring ethical and advantageous commodity trading.